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A new year, a new wine, a new romance?

As much as I love both wine and writing, I have been remiss in posting.

Tonight I purchased a Hannah Nicole 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon (Contra Costa County), and was eager to try it. The last time I tried a Hannah Nicole wine was at the winery’s tasting room early 2011. I’d been out there with the public relations gal for the winery for an event, and had interviewed the operations manager about a new appellation Hannah Nicole’s owners were applying for.

Today, the last day of Christmas/New Year break, I was grocery shopping and found this wine and purchased it.

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While I’d consumed a fair amount of wine and champagne over the holidays, I had not been writing about it, nor had I been taking any notes.  I felt this would be a good wine for me to post on.

I’d had a lovely New York steak with asparagus for dinner, and had opened and “soireed” the first glass.  I then entered the Romance Zone.

The color was a deep beautiful garnet red, with a clear rim and a deep depth.  It had a delightful nose, more floral than vegetal, albeit a hothouse flower versus a rose.  The nose was low to moderate.

The first taste was a balance of acid, tannins, mild sugars and alcohol.  As an analogy, the first taste was the confirmation of a date with a hot guy.  Definitely interesting, can’t wait to see what happens next!

The next taste, the development of the wine, is another step down Romance Road.  You’re out on the date now, he looks great [on paper] and the date is going great.  There is a wonderful balance of fruit, blackberry?  Currant?  Is that a hint of caramel?  Sweet!  You begin to think to yourself, “I can change my name this time, he may be The One…. What would we name the baby if it’s a boy?”

Then, the death blow  —  the finish taste.  The finish is not considerably less than the first taste or the development of the wine – it’s empty.  He frowns during dessert and coffee.  He confides he is having legal trouble ever since late 2008 when he was working for a large national bank that has since gone bankrupt.  “I only did what I was told to do,” he says, but now the senior loan officers he had managed are now being subpoenaed.

There is no future for this wine; if you have some in your cellar, drink it now.  The romance is over.  You carefully wipe your mouth with your napkin and excuse yourself.  You go to the back of the restaurant where you know you can exit through the kitchen door after you call a taxi.  It’s not a total loss, you tell yourself.  You had a wonderful dinner, and it’s a New Year.

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  1. Hi Helene,

    It was great meeting you at the BAARC event! I love your blog hopefully we can get together and talk about food, wine, and blogging!



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